The Living Sexy 30 Days to a Succulent You...

You are a woman that knows she deserves more. You want quality attention, quality attraction, and you want to be that sexy, sensual woman that you know is inside of you.

The Living Sexy 30 Days to a Succulent You
is the recipe for success that’s worked for Allana and her international clients who send her happy photos of themselves in relationship with hot fabulous noble men!

This proven program gives you full access to 30 Days worth of inspiring Audio, Video, and Meditations that work.

Are You exhausted? 

Have you lost your identity? 

Are you spinning in your mind? 

Yearning for quality attention?


Your HORMONES are most likely off.
Your ME TIME is probably off.
Your ENERGY is potentially off.

Now you can get 30 Days of simple yet scientifically proven practices, which have given women just like you more attention, affection and adoration from men.

30 Days of simple yet scientifically proven practices, which have helped reduce stress, increase energy, stabilize hormones and provide YOU with the centering that YOU need.

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Allana has been guiding women for 15 years, even fabulous clients like Leeza Gibbons through Dancing with the Stars… and she has seen time and time again, that after 30 delicious, decadent and empowering days of HER loving YOU, guiding you, inspiring you, dissolving barriers to uncover your serene succulence…

GIVING YOU THE TOOLS TO LOVE YOURSELF YOU will be magnificently magnetizing of the quality attention you deserve. AND you will feel like the real you, radiant and joyous. Simply do one practice a day – a guided meditation, a video practice, an empowering interview, a journaling exercise, a movement practice…

Whether it be a 5 minute video over coffee or a 40 minute interview you listen to on your commute, consistency is the key… This is Elegant Self Care!

Falling madly in love with YOU. (Just like HE will… get the connection?) And it just may be way more fun than you ever imagine. Some women have said it must be illegal to have this much fun being alive, being a woman.

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