Thursday, 23 March 2017

What Are You Willing to Give In Order to Have What You Want to Have?

She Beat Her Sweet Tooth and the Amount of Weight She Lost Will Blow Your Mind!

Who can fathom the mysteries of the body?

If only we could control our metabolism the way we can control our thoughts...

Addictions to many substances, including drinks, chocolate and other sugars, are fueled by the body's insulin-response system. When you have a drink or a candy bar, your body's blood sugar soars, prompting the pancreas to release insulin, which helps to move sugars circulating in the blood into the body's tissues--which then either use them for energy or store them as FAT.

After the insulin is released, your blood sugar crashes, prompting your body to send a message to the brain: "We need more sugar!" You then experience either a feeling of tiredness or a craving (varying in intensity from mild to extremely uncomfortable) for another drink or more sugar.

>>Learn how to break the sugar-high-to-blood-sugar-crash loop...