Friday, 31 March 2017

Take This 60 Second Quiz to Forecast Your Dream Life...

Would you like to know when you'll finally live your dreams?

This Quiz Knows When You'll Be Living Your Dreams.

I don't know how this is possible ...

... but after just a few short questions, I was given a personalized "Dream Life Forecast" that was SO spot-on - it literally sent CHILLS down my spine!

It was like, every single line ... "how the heck did he know THIS about me?"

Plus, I discovered a SILLY blind spot of mine that's been slowing me down for YEARS!
It was like he knew me all my life ...

SO, so inspiring.

Take This 60 Second Quiz to Forecast Your Dream Life.

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Wednesday, 29 March 2017

This Quiz Says When You'll Be Rich... This is UNSETTLING!

Do you ever HATE your life because it's NOT the life you wanted?

It's like ... How much longer until things ACTUALLY change?"

You start thinking ... "Do my dreams even MATTER anymore?"

In short - YES, your dream life matters! But it's not a matter of "IF" it will happen ... It's a matter of WHEN.

Now, this might sound a little bit "weird"... But this crazy little quiz nearly pinpoints the EXACT timeframe you can expect to say goodbye to the "normal" life you've settled for...

... and realistically make your dreams come true. Just answer these few eye-opening questions and you'll see for yourself... Read More>>>

Friday, 24 March 2017

The BFF Diet! Team Up to Slim Down...

Starting a new plan to trim off the pounds can be scary--but having an accountability partner can be like doubling the power of your will to succeed. When you see another person going through the same challenges you find yourself facing, and not giving up, it will inspire you to stick to your own goals.

The Power of Yes

When doctors and therapists teach patients to turn negative thoughts and worries into positive affirmations, the communication process improves and the patient regains self-control and confidence.

But there’s a problem: the brain barely responds to our positive words and thoughts. They’re not a threat to our survival, so the brain doesn’t need to respond as rapidly as it does to negative thoughts and words. "Yes," however, is still an extremely powerful word.

Affirmations for Weight Loss:

Webinar Host and Speakers
John Assaraf - Your Host...

Thursday, 23 March 2017

What Are You Willing to Give In Order to Have What You Want to Have?

She Beat Her Sweet Tooth and the Amount of Weight She Lost Will Blow Your Mind!

Who can fathom the mysteries of the body?

If only we could control our metabolism the way we can control our thoughts...

Addictions to many substances, including drinks, chocolate and other sugars, are fueled by the body's insulin-response system. When you have a drink or a candy bar, your body's blood sugar soars, prompting the pancreas to release insulin, which helps to move sugars circulating in the blood into the body's tissues--which then either use them for energy or store them as FAT.

After the insulin is released, your blood sugar crashes, prompting your body to send a message to the brain: "We need more sugar!" You then experience either a feeling of tiredness or a craving (varying in intensity from mild to extremely uncomfortable) for another drink or more sugar.

>>Learn how to break the sugar-high-to-blood-sugar-crash loop...

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Is Childhood Behavior Linked to Adult Success? Gorilla Thumps & Bear Hugs! A Tapping Solution Children’s Story...

I ran across a research study featured on CNN's website that linked children's behavior in kindergarten to adult success.

The new study, featured in the American Journal of Public Health, followed 800 children from kindergarten through their mid-20s in a comprehensive 20-year examination.

The study found that children who were helpful, cooperative, good listeners, and thoughtful towards conflict resolution were statistically more likely to have graduated college and have a full-time job at age 25.

Those who had problems in the above areas were less likely to have finished high school and college, more likely to have substance abuse problems, and even have more run-ins with the law.

What really blew me away was when I read,
"Researchers knew the importance of social and emotional competency in a child's development, but didn't quite expect to find as strong a correlation between those skills and a child's long-term well-being.".. Read More>>>

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

The Teachings of Wan Tsu! Emerging New Genre in Guided Experience...

I'm happy to introduce to you the latest iAwake offering for the holiday season: The Teachings of Wan-Tsu.

This is an amazingly creative and brilliant product that contains both the beautiful brain entrainment musical compositions of the talented Leigh Spusta along with an auditory, spiritual teaching from an ancient Chinese Taoist master, Wan-Tsu.

These tracks have been designed to be taken as a whole or broken down into component parts for shorter meditations. You can listen to them sitting up in a more traditional meditation posture, or lying down, and enter into a deep, restful, renewing and enlightening meditative journey.

Here I would like to invite you to read Leigh Spusta's own description of his latest creation.

From Leigh Spusta, creator:

Would you like to meet a spiritual guide who takes you on a journey where you experience insight and learn new techniques in order to become more aware, more balanced, increasingly in tune with your purpose, and more connected to intuition and synchronicity?

We invite you to embark on a new frontier, as we have created a type of audio program that we believe does not yet exist on the market... Read More>>>

Monday, 20 March 2017

Little Ways To Upgrade Your Internal & External Value...

You are powerful.

Creating and manifesting the life of your dreams is your choice.

You broadcast your own estimation of your value to yourself, your family and the world around you, loud and clear, with every word you speak and every move you make.

Most people out there, especially those who are meeting you for the first time, are going to take your word for it if you think highly of yourself (or not).

The Neuroscience of Self-Esteem:

Self-hatred rarely accomplishes much. With the rise of positive psychology, recent decades have seen a substantial cultural emphasis on the importance of self-esteem. Unfortunately, being told to keep liking ourselves, no matter what, hasn't done a whole lot get us back on our feet when we hit a big ole' bump in the road... Read More>>>

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Manifest Your Soulmate Using The Law of Attraction...

Here’s something I know for sure: BIG LOVE (true, heart-opening, soul-stirring, long-lasting soulmate love) is possible for anyone of any age if you are willing to put a little time, energy, intention and attention onto your love life.

To make that effort easy on you, I want you to know that the methods I’ve developed for manifesting love really do work…

And not only in my own life (I’ve been happily married for 19 years, after meeting my husband Brian at the age of 43), but in the lives of tens of thousands of people around the world who have studied my techniques.

Even if you’ve started to…

Worry that your chance at that kind of love passed you by years ago
   Fear you’re too old, too overweight, or too broken to be able to find your soulmate
Feel like you’re so set in your “single” ways that you don’t even have room in your life for a full-time partner
    Believe all the “good ones” are taken
    Or feel convinced there is no one out there who’s a perfect match for you…

I’ve helped people who felt all of that (and more) Read More>>>

Thursday, 9 March 2017

The Tapping Solution for Pain Relief Program... Is Your Physical Pain Serving You?

Seems like an odd question, doesn't it?

But one of the things I discuss in The Tapping Solution for Pain Relief program is how pain can sometimes serve us and benefit us in ways we’re not consciously aware of.

And it's these perceived benefits that often keep the physical pain locked in place.

Events from our past - times when we didn’t feel safe, didn’t feel like we were enough, or didn’t feel loved - can cause us to hold back in fear of getting hurt again.

I want to share a powerful video from The Tapping Solution for Pain Relief program to show you what I mean.

You'll see me work on-stage with an incredibly brave woman named Joanne as we address the unconscious beliefs keeping her physical pain in place.

This technique has helped thousands of people around the world eliminate pain and it can do the same for you!... Read More>>>

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Catalyze a Tribe of Raving Fans, Customers and Ambassadors to Spread Your Business... The Evolved Enterprise!

Evolved Enterprise is poised to make the biggest difference for you in your existing business or new idea you've got cooking.
The Evolved Enterprise is about creating (or re-creating) a company that authentically comes straight from your true essence, wrapped around a meaningful impact and then develops the community, culture and creation in total alignment.
And the most interesting part is all of this IS actually good for business in ALL ways.
Reason #1: Sir Richard Branson and so many other business icons have proclaimed this is the future of business.
"We must learn that doing good is good for business."
- Sir Richard Branson from 'Screw Business as Usual'
"There's a transformative shift in business and what worked before is no longer an option. It's time for evolved entrepreneurs, visionary creators and change makers to rewrite the rules of business for the 21st century."
- Tony Hsieh, CEO of
"It's time to redefine our expectations of business..."
- Blake Mycoskie, TOMS founder
"Through free enterprise, one can benefit people all over the contributing to a better way of life for all. Peace, love & happiness."
- John Paul DeJoria, co-founder, Paul Mitchell Hair Care
Reason #2: You have a small window to take advantage of this coming shift.
Forbes interviewed me and proclaimed, "Businesses who ignore this trend will be on life support in 4-7 years..."
Reason #3: This is not just a trend but actually a seismic shift happening.
It's like the perfect storm! This is happening from the outside in with customer buying criteria changing and from the inside out with employees... Read More>>>

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

A Simple Way to Calm Down and Feel Better...

Neuroinstructor and brain training expert Mark Waldman is one of the world’s leading experts on spirituality and the brain, and he has some simple advice for those experiencing unease and tension: Yawn.

No, we're not ignoring you--that's the advice!

When you yawn several times in succession, your brain releases chemicals that dampen the fight or flight response mechanism of the Amygdala. According to Mark, yawning relaxes you faster than any other method of which we are currently aware.

Mark is on the faculty at the prestigious College of Business at Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, where he teaches people how to rapidly identify behaviors and beliefs that hold them back from achieving their fullest potential in work and relationships.

His extraordinary NeuroWisdom product empowers the user to transform those old habits into practical strategies to achieve their goals... Read More>>>