Friday, 11 November 2016

Mindset Secret Of Financially Independent People... Annual Live Brainathon!

Most people think wealthy people got that way because of sheer dumb luck, a huge inheritance, screwing people over or being “in the right place at the right time.”

But nothing could be further from the truth.

Let me explain.

Imagine we took five first-generation multi-millionaires (meaning they didn’t inherit their money, they made it themselves) and stripped them of everything they had.

Let’s say we took away all their money, their houses, their business connections and the rest of their worldly possessions. Now, let’s say we dropped them off in the middle of a big city with nothing but the shirt on their back and lint in their pockets.

What do you think would happen if we checked up on them five years later?

I can guarantee that every one of those first-generation multi-millionaires will be a millionaire again. And if they aren’t they won’t be far off from their goal.

Now let’s try another experiment.

Let’s take five ordinary, working class people and put 5 million dollars in their bank accounts. They can spend it or invest it however they like.

If we checked up on them in five years, I guarantee almost every one of them would have blown through most of that money. It’s the same reason that every lotto winner who seems to go broke within a few years after hitting the jackpot.

So why is there such a striking difference between these two groups of people?

It seems like the first group, the first generation multi-millionaires just seem to be ‘wired’ differently.

And that is in fact the secret that separates the financially independent from everybody else.

Their brains ARE wired differently.

They have different views about money. They have different ideas about earning, saving, spending and investing. They don’t view money as the thing that controls their lives. They view it as a tool to build the kind of life they want.

That’s the secret to becoming financially well-off.

It has nothing to do with your job, your bank account, where you live or what you learned in school…

… But it has EVERYTHING to do with your mindset toward money, wealth and your future.

Maybe you DON’T have this ‘wealth mindset’ yet. That’s OK. Most people aren’t wired like this.

It takes training and practice to rewire your brain.

It’s very hard to do this on your own. Even the world’s wealthiest men and women ALL had successful teachers, mentors and role-models who took their hand and guided them down the path to success.

You might not have those kind of connections.

But there IS hope for you if you WANT to make a change… Read More>>>