Sunday, 6 November 2016

Discover Your Life's Grand Purpose! Master Life Visioning & Feel UnStoppable...

If you'd joined us for the Masterclass at Mindvalley Academy, you'd know that Dr. Michael Beckwith announced a special enrollment for his flagship course at Mindvalley Academy called "Life Visioning."

It's available only for this week and includes a huge discount on enrollment fees.

This course reveals the little known spiritual formula to living a deeply fulfilled, purposeful life.

It eliminates the struggle of trying to ‘find’ your purpose.

You will discover how to turn on that switch that permanently light's up your life's purpose in your mind's eye. 

The entire process will liberate you from the frequent emotional turmoils you experience in life.

And let you be free to follow your heart — no if's, but's or the cursed how's.
You'll be a completely different person after this...