Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Could Rumi Hold the Key to Your Soul’s Liberation? Dancing in Rumi’s Footsteps!

It’s amazing but true: a 13th century-Sufi poet is now rated the most popular poet of our time.

And it’s no wonder, for as we progress ever more deeply into a multi-faceted global crisis, the words of Rumi offer precious wisdom to help us navigate our way back to the light of the Divine in a way that no other poetry can.

If you’d like to deepen your awareness of the spiritual power of Rumi’s poetry, which can liberate your soul’s passion and your heart’s ecstasy, I have a very special invitation for you.

Mystic scholar Andrew Harvey, renowned author of more than 40 books, will bring alive the core spiritual teachings of Rumi and the mystical initiation he experienced during Dancing in Rumi’s Footsteps: How His Poetry & Wisdom Can Liberate Your Soul’s Passion & Heart’s Ecstasy.

This powerful virtual event is FREE.

When you do, you’ll:
  • Hear Andrew read and interpret two Rumi poems that deal with the dark night and divine passion, two fundamental themes of his work... Read More>>>