Monday, 17 October 2016

Accelerate Your Reading Speeds! The Most Life Changing Training You'll Attend...

When we first started to learn how to read in school, we were told to first read a letter, then the syllables, followed by words and only then whole sentences.

This according to Paul Scheele, is the most terrible way to learn.

He says, this linear method of reading employs only a tiny portion of our brains and thus we're actually limiting our learning at the speed at which this part of the brain can process information.

Instead, Paul says, if we could enlist the whole brain in your reading process, it will make reading 3-10 times faster than what it'd normally take you.

That's why I believe his method of PhotoReading will be life-changing for many.
Over 1 million students were touched by this technique whether through the books, courses or seminars.

Yesterday I had already mentioned his new training at Mindvalley Academy.
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