Friday, 29 April 2016

Online Business Benefits...

Anyone who is introduced to the online business world always replies with the same question. 

What are the benefits associated with it? 

This is where the problem comes in. It is not that there are no benefits; it is that the numbers of benefits are so many that giving a short answer leaves me unsatisfied, whereas, giving a complete reply would take a lot of time.

In an effort to find a middle way, some of the best benefits have been enumerated as under:

1) Easy and Flexible Schedule: 

The biggest problem with all employees... they have to work according to the employer's schedule. There is a constant pressure to perform at all times, failure in which may lead to everyone's anger vented on you. Stress and over burdening are some of the common symptoms seen in most of the cases.

Online business provides a way out from all of these. You would be your own boss and work as and when you feel best. You may relax, sleep, dine, play, take a vacation, laze around at will and still get valuable returns if the business is flourishing.

2) New Ideas: 

In the case of huge corporate, there is no say or decision making ability with the employees. All ideas are approved from the higher authorities and your job is to implement them.

This totally changes with online business wherein, you also get the opportunity to decide along with the implementation scheme. If you have money to invest, you may also hire people to do the job for you.

3) Reliability: 

A secure and effective set up of online business will always pay, irrespective of whether any new inputs are provided to it. By adding new inputs and proper maintenance, the competition levels are maintained at all times.

Since there is no one above you to dictate terms, there are no scheduled filings to be done, no deadlines to be met and no tension of getting fired. If the recent recession has to be analyzed, the victims were far less in the case of online business compared to the corporate business.

4) Low initial Investment: 

There is virtually no investment required compared to opening a firm in some city - maybe just the cost of an online business consulting firm. No infrastructure is required and no staff has to be employed. The only thing needed is a computer with internet connectivity. The man carrying a laptop with a wireless internet data card beside you may be a walking talking business house!

Advertising is not about banners and hand held pamphlets but Ads on the internet and links to the business website from others. Simple referrals can also do the job for many. Because there is no physical structure, there is no insurance required which further reduced the cost.

Do these benefits sound good? 

There are many more in the list but as I said, including them would really take a long time and make it a very lengthy read. If given an option, online business opportunities should definitely be explored.

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Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Should Online Business Be Indulged In?

If ease of lifestyle is the goal, invest in something and let slow money trickle down, if it is financial gains, promotion with advertisements with optimizing the website to increase traffic is necessary and so on.

Online businesses are the solution to making good amounts of incomes by just paying just a couple of hours of attention to. People who have been able to successfully undertake this opportunity have been able to increase their personal finances to a great extent by doing regular work and this thereby enjoying a comfortable life.

This has been feasible because it can be undertaken from anywhere at any time of the day. Some people have been so successful at this front that they have completely quit their regular jobs and become dedicated to this end. Imagine a life where you need to work for just a couple of hours a day and get huge returns sitting on the bed.

What could be more comfortable?

It may sound were interesting, which as a matter of fact, it is, however, in the beginning, it may demand extraordinary patience and the motivation to keeping moving towards success.

One of the end results is already known, the others include being answerable no one, being your own boss, home working environment, no particular timings, holidays anytime anywhere and work anytime anywhere.

Should you indulge in online business or not lies completely in whether you want one or more of these results for yourself. Accordingly, an approach has to be made towards the goal.

There are many diversions in online business and success in each is possible. The long term goal is the driving force on which road to be taken. Keeping it in mind, the short term objectives are made and implemented.

Basic knowledge of computers is a must for online business to succeed. It may require some to take training on how to operate, make a website, host it on the internet and maintain it. Long story short, it takes time. All claims about it being very easy and achievable by anyone are not hundred percent true.

Although, it may be very simple for people who are in touch with the internet and know how it works. Understanding the concept is very important, which can cause a lot of trouble as in the case of all other business stories.

Once the business has been established, people can start relaxing. Online business is like a child, which needs all care and attention in the early stages and over the time, as it matures, in starts to sustain itself and provide necessary support in the years to come.

It is advised not to completely ignore your current full time job until this new venture is completely in place. Online businesses are long term plans. Many a times, due to inappropriate measures, these ventures fail.

It would not be wise to lose from both ends. Start thinking about dedicating your total time when everything has settled down and a decent stand has been made in the internet world.

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Monday, 25 April 2016

Climate Change, Democracy, and Integral Theory... Wicked and Wise!

Wicked and Wise: Climate Change, Democracy, and Integral Theory | Integral Life!

Alan Watkins, co-author of Wicked and Wise with Ken Wilber, talks to Jeff Salzman about climate change, the problems of globalization and democracy, getting CEO’s to do the right thing, and that pesky Donald Trump... Listen Now>>>