Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Build Your Staff Loyalty, Give Them An Unexpected Gift...

While personal gift-giving to near and dear ones is a long-standing practice, few people are aware of the culture of giving corporate gifts. The rising business practice of giving special gifts to clients is not as well known to people as the gifts given to loved ones. Corporate gifts are very different in that they establish client and brand loyalty often for a very small price. After all everyone loves to receive a gift.

Corporate gifts are normally expensive things and they do not feature any company logo or brand name, as their purpose is not marketing or promotion. However, at times corporations also give employees and prospective customers promotional merchandise such as USB drives, pens, key-chains and stationery items that are marked with the company logo.

Just like any other gifts, the selection of a corporate gift also depends on the person to whom the item is to be given. Although custom and costly gifts are given to key customers of the company, the company personnel are usually given a standard gift, which is not very expensive, but serves a useful purpose.

The apparent value of a corporate gift is its most important characteristic. It is this factor which has the desired impact on the client or employee, helping to build and maintain a cordial working relationship with them. Prior to giving a corporate gift, you should consult with your legal department regarding any restrictions that may have been imposed by law on this practice.

It’s advisable to prepare for corporate gift-giving in advance by setting a budget, estimating the number of gifts to procure, and looking for volume discounts with retailers. This is clearly more useful in case of gifts to employees, especially if yours is a large-sized company. Ensure that you purchase enough so that every employee whom you desire to show appreciation towards by means of a corporate gift is covered.

To summarize, the custom of giving a corporate gift to your staff and clients is a good option for building sound working associations. Always keep the law and expense related aspects in mind.

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Author: Don Wong


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