Thursday, 12 March 2015

How to Live Debt Free Forever...

Today more people than ever are confused about their rights when it comes to debt.

What do the new bankruptcy laws really say? 

Can I avoid filing bankruptcy? 

If I do file will there be a stigma attached and will that make getting new credit impossible for seven years or longer? 

And perhaps most pressing of all, how can I get the calls to stop and reclaim my life and peace? 

These are good and important questions. There is simply more debt in today’s world than ever before, and with the cost of good rising, there is likely to be even more debt in the future.

The bad news about debt is this. If you pay monthly minimums it will take 20 to 30 years (or more!) in order to get debt free. But hold on, because there is very good news indeed.

The good news is this – you can control debt instead of having it control you. You can make the calls stop, establish repayment terms that are favorable to you (and not the bank) and more. In fact, today’s laws protect you – the consumer – more than ever before.

Even better, you can fashion a solution that lets you make one payment (much easier to manage), lowers the interest you pay (which means things get paid off faster) and does not ruin your credit score.

So let’s look together at five ways you can get out of debt, get back in control and experience the peace and joy that being debt-free can produce. 

Step 1 – Stop borrowing. The secret here is simple ... you do *not* need another loan! You need a way out. And the best way out is to work with a company who will guide you through the process.

Such companies have deep experience that can be invaluable to you during the process of getting out of debt. The odds are that these companies have worked with people in your specific situation, and worse.

Step 2 – Lower interest rates. For this step you will need an ally, an advocate who has clout with lenders and can negotiate on your behalf. Going it alone against giant banks and lending companies is not advised.

The good news here is that banks and lending companies are very responsive when you are represented by well-established credit counseling companies. These companies can often get dramatic and permanent reductions in the interest you are charged. That’s important, because when less of your payment goes to wasted interest, more goes to reducing your overall balance.

Step 3 – Get the calls to stop. This can be a tricky step if you go it alone. Bill collectors are notorious for their persistence and aggressive tactics. Telling them you want them to stop calling is often like waving the proverbial red flag in front of a bull – it only makes things worse.

What will get the calls to stop is having a specific plan. If you use a counseling service you are in for a treat as you get to tell unwanted callers that they can now call someone else!

Soon, your phone will no longer ring and going to the mailbox will be a treat, not a chore. And that means more peace of mind for you and your family.

Step 4 – Begin rebuilding your credit. Although it may not feel this way now, there will be a day when you can use credit again. Once you have tamed the credit monster you will never again fear losing control of your life or your peace to debtors. You will have a plan and be able to remain free.

If you choose to work with a counseling company you can look to them for advice in this area. They will counsel you about when to establish new accounts, the type of accounts that are safe for you, the type of situations where using credit makes sense and more.

No matter how you do it – whether you go it alone or use a credit counseling service – you will experience a level of peace and control that you might not know think is possible once you have a plan and are making that plan a reality.

Very soon, your phone will become your friend again and you will never have to worry about a knock on the door or a letter that the postman delivers to you personally.

You will be in control. You will be learning skills that will last a lifetime. You will actually be able to help others who are in the situation you used to be in! You will be free.

And free is a beautiful place to be!

Author : Neil Melvin

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