Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Advertising on Craigslist is worthy for just about any business offering products or service...

Advertising on Craigslist is worthy for just about any business offering products or services. Whether these products are offered through e-commerce websites or physical stores, the business organization can see potential profit through advertising on Craigslist.

Foremost, unlike other advertising opportunities there is very little to put on the line when one posts on Craigs’ list.

Advertising is free, with the exclusion of job postings and housing postings in specific markets. Users are asked to agree with the conditions of service of the community and are required to follow specific guidelines when posting advertisements, but there are no financial obligations to those placing advertisements on Craigslist. This means those who post advertisements do not have to be worried about whether or not the advertisement they place will meet their expectations in terms of sales generated.

A different reason why posting advertisements for products or services on Craigslist is so beneficial is the likeliness of getting to a large audience of possible customers. One can verify this fact by reviewing the Craigs’ list fact sheet that reveals appropriate information regarding the amount of traffic the website receives.

According to this datum Craigs’ list receives around four billion page views each month with ten million people using Craigslist monthly. From these statistics it is evident that advertisements placed on Craig list are likely to undergo at least some attention from potential clients.

With so many visitors using Craigslist each month the advertising possibilities are limitless; however, there are no guarantees any of these visitors will be interested in your products or services. Like any marketing campaign, your advertisements on Craigslist must be intriguing, informative and in a location where you will reach your target audience.

Author: Don Snyder 

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