Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Major Online Business Benefits

It can all work better for you.

The tools of e-commerce can make almost every aspect of your business work better for you.

E-mail means you can communicate better. Web access means you can know much more about suppliers, customers and competitors. A website means you can trade on the Internet and gain access to customers who never knew you existed.

You can reach out to new markets and serve existing ones more effectively. You can lower costs and build closer business relationships with both customers and suppliers. You can improve the way you develop new products and streamline the delivery of existing ones.

Best of all, you can discover new opportunities to put your business ideas into action, in quick, affordable ways that were quite impossible even three or four years ago.

Find specific, practical advice in several key areas, Marketing, Sales, Purchasing,  Exporting, Customer service, Case studies, of business activity, plus glimpses of how e-commerce has brought rapid and positive change to a number of real companies.

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SBI! CTPM Process

Saturday, 11 April 2015

David Lynch explains Consciousness, Creativity and benefits of Transcendental Meditation (TM)- YouTube...

David Lynch explains Consciousness, Creativity and benefits of Transcendental Meditation (TM) - YouTube.

One of the greatest American filmmakers, television director, visual artist and musician is David Lynch. Lynch is an advocate of the use of Transcendental Meditation (TM) in bringing peace to the world. His passion to help students learn the TM techniques has launched the David Lynch Foundation For Consciousness-Based Education and Peace. In this video, David Lynch answers a couple of questions on his understanding of how TM can affect creativity and overall learning and expansion of the human mind.

Source: Youtube

Meditation For Everyday Living

Meditation is a process that allows you to reform your mind. You can guide your mind and body to relaxation; reform your thinking, etc. You do this by evaluating your overall behaviors, lifestyle, history, etc. The process is simple. Yet, if you are not accustomed to meditation you will need to learn a few basic steps to start living healthier by reforming your way of thinking... Read more>>>




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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Build Your Staff Loyalty, Give Them An Unexpected Gift...

While personal gift-giving to near and dear ones is a long-standing practice, few people are aware of the culture of giving corporate gifts. The rising business practice of giving special gifts to clients is not as well known to people as the gifts given to loved ones. Corporate gifts are very different in that they establish client and brand loyalty often for a very small price. After all everyone loves to receive a gift.

Corporate gifts are normally expensive things and they do not feature any company logo or brand name, as their purpose is not marketing or promotion. However, at times corporations also give employees and prospective customers promotional merchandise such as USB drives, pens, key-chains and stationery items that are marked with the company logo.

Just like any other gifts, the selection of a corporate gift also depends on the person to whom the item is to be given. Although custom and costly gifts are given to key customers of the company, the company personnel are usually given a standard gift, which is not very expensive, but serves a useful purpose.

The apparent value of a corporate gift is its most important characteristic. It is this factor which has the desired impact on the client or employee, helping to build and maintain a cordial working relationship with them. Prior to giving a corporate gift, you should consult with your legal department regarding any restrictions that may have been imposed by law on this practice.

It’s advisable to prepare for corporate gift-giving in advance by setting a budget, estimating the number of gifts to procure, and looking for volume discounts with retailers. This is clearly more useful in case of gifts to employees, especially if yours is a large-sized company. Ensure that you purchase enough so that every employee whom you desire to show appreciation towards by means of a corporate gift is covered.

To summarize, the custom of giving a corporate gift to your staff and clients is a good option for building sound working associations. Always keep the law and expense related aspects in mind.

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Author: Don Wong


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Sunday, 29 March 2015

Can Pre IPO Investments Change Investor's Life!

Everyone has heard about a friend of a friend who knew a guy that had a sister who got involved with a company just before they went public, made a small seed investment and when the company went public she made millions.

Real Pre Public investments in companies that are built to last with solid executive management and board of directors all wrapped in a industry that can still flourish in a recession are extremely difficult to find and impossible to be part of unless you are 'in the know', meaning you are the auditing or contract attorney for the company filing with the SEC, the accounting firm doing the third party audit, the consulting firm who is putting together the corporate strategies for the company or the investor relations industry that is gearing up for the publicity and promotions campaign to run in a post offering environment.

Typically the invitation to invest in a pre-public company comes in the form of a Direct Public Offering after the company is divided into shares with a private placement memorandum and before the third party audit and before and during the comments stage of the S1 filing.

If you are fortunate enough to invest in a company with the above description you will most likely being offered deeply discounted stock (cheaper than what will be offered in the public market) which means you will (if the offering goes as planned) increase your initial investment amount by 200+ percent.

This is not at all a rare instance. Getting invited to invest in the pre-public, seed capital stage is actually quite simple if you know who to talk to.

The best companies to become aligned with are 'go public' facilitation consultants and corporate turnaround consultants. These groups take companies public for a living and can usually plug you right in when the company is qualifying with the SEC and needs to have 40 investors on the book to qualify to go public (on the OTCBB).

Simply contact the company and they will typically give you a quick information form to fill out to collect your name, phone, investment history and investment threshold.

It’s a fact, once you started investing in solid Pre-IPO stock investments, you will dump your broker and never buy stock the traditional way again. Now get out there and experience the power of seed capital investment!

Author: James Scott


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Saturday, 21 March 2015

Recent Developments In Brochure Printing...

Brochures have traditionally been one of the most important marketing tools for any organization. They can be circulated like pamphlets or mailed at customers’ addresses, or can just be kept in retail outlets for clients to take with them.

The need to have brochures printed has led to the rise of a segment of the printing services business, which specifically caters to brochures. Advancements like digital technology, graphic design tools, and the internet have radically transformed the traditional mould of brochure printing.

Before computers were used for the task, brochure printing involved a number of time-consuming jobs like multiple rounds of test printing, making adjustments, obtaining film negatives, and using plate-making tools. Even in design, the customers could not provide detailed suggestions and the printers usually took care of the design task, working with a limited set of pre decided templates.

Nowadays, the customer himself can do the entire designing on a computer and the brochures can be created in a much shorter time frame than they could be some just a few years ago. Delivery of finished prints in bulk in a day’s time is possible now, thanks to advancements in technology.

A crucial aspect of brochure printing is that it involves important components like layout, content, and use of graphics. The use of digital technology in the printing process has radically transformed these aspects, providing a range of choices, including superior quality full-colour printing, modern and complex layout choices, and content-building packages.

Author: Merry Lyn Clark

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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Advertising on Craigslist is worthy for just about any business offering products or service...

Advertising on Craigslist is worthy for just about any business offering products or services. Whether these products are offered through e-commerce websites or physical stores, the business organization can see potential profit through advertising on Craigslist.

Foremost, unlike other advertising opportunities there is very little to put on the line when one posts on Craigs’ list.

Advertising is free, with the exclusion of job postings and housing postings in specific markets. Users are asked to agree with the conditions of service of the community and are required to follow specific guidelines when posting advertisements, but there are no financial obligations to those placing advertisements on Craigslist. This means those who post advertisements do not have to be worried about whether or not the advertisement they place will meet their expectations in terms of sales generated.

A different reason why posting advertisements for products or services on Craigslist is so beneficial is the likeliness of getting to a large audience of possible customers. One can verify this fact by reviewing the Craigs’ list fact sheet that reveals appropriate information regarding the amount of traffic the website receives.

According to this datum Craigs’ list receives around four billion page views each month with ten million people using Craigslist monthly. From these statistics it is evident that advertisements placed on Craig list are likely to undergo at least some attention from potential clients.

With so many visitors using Craigslist each month the advertising possibilities are limitless; however, there are no guarantees any of these visitors will be interested in your products or services. Like any marketing campaign, your advertisements on Craigslist must be intriguing, informative and in a location where you will reach your target audience.

Author: Don Snyder 

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Thursday, 12 March 2015

How to Live Debt Free Forever...

Today more people than ever are confused about their rights when it comes to debt.

What do the new bankruptcy laws really say? 

Can I avoid filing bankruptcy? 

If I do file will there be a stigma attached and will that make getting new credit impossible for seven years or longer? 

And perhaps most pressing of all, how can I get the calls to stop and reclaim my life and peace? 

These are good and important questions. There is simply more debt in today’s world than ever before, and with the cost of good rising, there is likely to be even more debt in the future.

The bad news about debt is this. If you pay monthly minimums it will take 20 to 30 years (or more!) in order to get debt free. But hold on, because there is very good news indeed.

The good news is this – you can control debt instead of having it control you. You can make the calls stop, establish repayment terms that are favorable to you (and not the bank) and more. In fact, today’s laws protect you – the consumer – more than ever before.

Even better, you can fashion a solution that lets you make one payment (much easier to manage), lowers the interest you pay (which means things get paid off faster) and does not ruin your credit score.

So let’s look together at five ways you can get out of debt, get back in control and experience the peace and joy that being debt-free can produce. 

Step 1 – Stop borrowing. The secret here is simple ... you do *not* need another loan! You need a way out. And the best way out is to work with a company who will guide you through the process.

Such companies have deep experience that can be invaluable to you during the process of getting out of debt. The odds are that these companies have worked with people in your specific situation, and worse.

Step 2 – Lower interest rates. For this step you will need an ally, an advocate who has clout with lenders and can negotiate on your behalf. Going it alone against giant banks and lending companies is not advised.

The good news here is that banks and lending companies are very responsive when you are represented by well-established credit counseling companies. These companies can often get dramatic and permanent reductions in the interest you are charged. That’s important, because when less of your payment goes to wasted interest, more goes to reducing your overall balance.

Step 3 – Get the calls to stop. This can be a tricky step if you go it alone. Bill collectors are notorious for their persistence and aggressive tactics. Telling them you want them to stop calling is often like waving the proverbial red flag in front of a bull – it only makes things worse.

What will get the calls to stop is having a specific plan. If you use a counseling service you are in for a treat as you get to tell unwanted callers that they can now call someone else!

Soon, your phone will no longer ring and going to the mailbox will be a treat, not a chore. And that means more peace of mind for you and your family.

Step 4 – Begin rebuilding your credit. Although it may not feel this way now, there will be a day when you can use credit again. Once you have tamed the credit monster you will never again fear losing control of your life or your peace to debtors. You will have a plan and be able to remain free.

If you choose to work with a counseling company you can look to them for advice in this area. They will counsel you about when to establish new accounts, the type of accounts that are safe for you, the type of situations where using credit makes sense and more.

No matter how you do it – whether you go it alone or use a credit counseling service – you will experience a level of peace and control that you might not know think is possible once you have a plan and are making that plan a reality.

Very soon, your phone will become your friend again and you will never have to worry about a knock on the door or a letter that the postman delivers to you personally.

You will be in control. You will be learning skills that will last a lifetime. You will actually be able to help others who are in the situation you used to be in! You will be free.

And free is a beautiful place to be!

Author : Neil Melvin

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Will DEBT Prevent You from Preparing for the Economic Crash?

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