Sunday, 25 September 2016

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Creating Digital Products...

How To Create Best Selling Digital Products that Sell Themselves... [Free Workshop]

If you’ve always wanted to write a book or create a best-selling online product - something really special that you can sell online to people all over the world, register now for my free workshop.

In the webinar I’m going to give you my proven formula for creating best-selling Digital Products that “sell themselves”.

This is the Digital Product formula that I’ve used to create over 50 Digital Products... that I’ve sold to over 1 million customers, for well over 100 million dollars in sales.

I’ve taught this formula to thousands of my students around of the world… and many of my students have gone on to create some of the best-selling Digital Products that you see online today. If you follow this formula, it really is possible to create high-quality Digital Products that literally “sell themselves”.

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Here’s a quick outline of what We’ll be covering...

::: How To Nail Your “Product Niche” :::

I’m going to show you how I identify a “hot” product niche, so you create a Digital Product that sells itself...

...and how to use your unique knowledge and story to create something that monetizes what you know for the long­ term.

::: Online Business Trends :::

There are a lot of emerging trends that affect YOU and your future, and I’m going to share them with you in the webinar.

Some of these are great news, but some of them can “sneak up” on you... and cause your business to fail.

::: Mistakes To Avoid :::

If you’re creating your first Digital Product, then you’ll definitely want to tune in as I teach 5 mistakes to avoid when creating your Digital Product.

Almost every single person I’ve talked to who is thinking of writing a book or creating a Digital Product makes ALL FIVE of them.

And each is a potential guarantee of failure, if you make it.

This is almost 15 years of experience, all summed up into a few minutes that can save you years of wasted time and money.

::: Digital Product Road Map :::

I’ll also show you my 1­ page Digital Product Road Map, which puts all of the key steps to creating a Digital Product and getting it online, all in a single page.

::: The Story Of How I Did It :::

I’ll also share the story of how I did it, along with three of the key lessons I’ve learned.
I wish that I could have known this information in advance when I created my first Digital Product ­ it would have saved me a lot of trial and error.

Just click the link below, choose the time that works best for you, and come and join me.

I’m looking forward to showing you my techniques for creating a best-­selling Digital Product.

If you’re serious about taking what you know, and monetizing it with a Digital Product that really helps other people, then consider joining me for this.

How To Create A Best-Selling Digital Product LIVE Webinar Monday... Register Here:

­-Eben Pagan

Saturday, 24 September 2016

GOLDMINE of Tips for Turning Your Idea Into a Successful Business...

5 Steps to Systematically Turn Your Idea Into A Successful Online Business...

In this new video from Eben Pagan, he walks you through 5 steps to turn your “big idea” into a successful, growing online business.

How To Turn Your “Big Idea” Into A Growing & Successful Digital Product Business...

This video is a GOLDMINE of tips and secrets for actually taking your idea and turning it into a successful business.

For each of the 5 parts of your product and your business, Eben gives an “action checklist” to make sure you’re winning.

You first learn the mindset that you must help your customer get into, in order to buy and use your product (this alone makes the video worth watching).

Next you’ll get action steps for building every part of your online digital product business, plus a PDF summary checklist to remind you of what you’ve learned... Read More>>>

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Get to Sleep in 15 Minutes... Guaranteed! Cure Insomnia with Sleep Salon...

Secret Insomnia Cure... 

Wouldn't it be nice to be one of those people that can just fall straight into a DEEP SLEEP, the moment their head hits the pillow?

Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed that way.

Many people spend endless hours STARING UP at the ceiling each night, wondering whether blissful slumber will ever arrive.

And if you're one of those people, I'd like to introduce you to a brand new program that I've been using over the past couple of months.

It's called the Sleep Salon.

It uses special "brainwave" MP3 recordings to help change your brainwave patterns, taking you from being wide awake down to a state of ultra-deep sleep.

Just hit play -- and find yourself being lulled into a deep, RELAXING SLEEP -- within MINUTES. In fact, you'll probably never hear the end of the audio... Read More>>>

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Cultural Conditioning & Status Quo Dictate Our Concerns, Morals & Beliefs?

Ever consider how most people are perfectly content launching themselves at upwards of 70mph down the highway, essentially almost dying every day of their lives, or have committed to a suicidal lifestyle of smoking cigarettes, yet are simultaneously frightened by trivialities like insects, being disagreed with, talking to strangers, etc, simply because they have less exposure with these things?

It never ceases to amaze me, as well as frighten me, how conditioning and the prevailing status quo have a way of dictating our concerns, morals, and beliefs, regardless of how completely irrational and misconstrued they might actually be.

-Paul John Moscatello 

Source: LiberatingReality

Sunday, 10 July 2016

How to gain business advantage on the web? Explained by experts...

Bogdan Fiedur, the Owner of Adlandpro Free Online Classifieds. In case you don't know, Adlandpro is one of the most successful classified ad sites on the internet today ranking within the top 2400 websites in the world for traffic.

He spent the past several months constructing a High-Caliber Pumped-Up version of the Adland Digest called the Adland Digest Pro. It's going to make it so easy and so simple for people to create wealth using the internet and duplicate his results. Each issue will include brand new "hot-off-the-presses"content, tips, and techniques from many different sources including himself, compiled into scheduled content for the next year of Digest Issues. Of course you've seen thousands of these types of systems, programs, and other useless info, but You can always trust Bogdan Fiedur.

What Makes This Product So Different From The Rest?

He put it this way...

"If you were looking for a place to invest your money, wouldn't you put your trust on the advice of an investment broker who makes a lot more than you do each year as opposed to a broker who makes less?"

"Wouldn't you place your trust in the advice of someone who has made a fortune on the stock market as opposed to someone who hasn't even traded his first stock?"

"Then why would you invest your money for information from someone who hasn't even done a thing on the web about how to make money on the internet?"

"I've been there. I've done it. Anything I put in the digest is proven because at some point I used it to make money. Doesn't that in itself put this above and beyond the other products?"

"Good points by Bogdan."

Of course, who could argue with that logic? There had to be a reason why.
So You might ask- Why is He Giving Away His Business Secrets?
This is Bogdan's answer...

"Because I'm sick and tired of seeing people, GOOD people, get swindled and cheated by products that "Claim" to know the secret to generating wealth on the internet that is of little or no value and produces ZERO results. I know my information works because I've used all of these methods myself to build my own incredibly successful website from out of my own basement."

What's In It For You?

Bgdan's reply...

"I only want serious people to get this information. All serious about building their businesses. You get Bonuses worth about $1200 which is our entire library of digital reference, instruction, and informational books about doing business on the web and more.

Now, I know you're serious about your business so this is why you're reading this. So there you have it, you get this information and your future of success pretty much handed to you on a silver plate.

Click for Adland Digest Pro...

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Harmonize Ancient wisdom and Science…The ProjectYourself Inner Riches Livecast!

Activate The Incredible Power Inside YOU! The ProjectYourself Inner Riches Livecast...

If you take part in just one online training this year, make it this one:

The Project:Yourself Inner Riches Livecast.

It’s a virtual hangout with Amish & Puja, featuring Deep Dive sessions with some of the world’s most brilliant human potential experts, neuroscientists, medical professionals and spiritual leaders as they unveil the secrets to awakening the full potential of the mind, body and spirit.

You may instantly recognize some of these experts... a star from The Secret... a celebrity physicist... and a rockstar nutritionist known for his awesome hair and awesome-er dietary advice :-)

What I LOVE about Project:Yourself’s approach to personal growth is how they harmonize both ancient wisdom and science…

It takes you on a path of self empowerment that is practical, effective, sustainable… and also true to its ancient sources.

The result?

Friday, 3 June 2016

Psych Up Your Mind for Achieving ANYTHING You Want on Complete Auto Pilot... Subliminal Power!

Over 70,000 people have trusted Subliminal Power to reprogram their mind - Now it's your turn! 

 Subliminal Power is a Windows app that fires millions of safe, positive affirmations on your PC screen at split-second intervals... 'psyching up' your mind for achieving ANYTHING you want on complete auto-pilot.

Let's say you want to feel more MOTIVATED. You load the software, choose 'motivation', and click 'turn on'. While you work, surf the web or chat online, Subliminal Power 2 TELLS your unconscious mind you're motivated... every second of the day.

After 50,000, 250,000 or a million or more times being 'reminded' to feel that way... guess what?

That's exactly how you'll feel! ...